Relocating to the ‘Burg?

If you (or someone you know) is thinking about moving to the Harrisonburg area, we have just the information you need! Our team has worked hard to put together a comprehensive Relocation Guide for Harrisonburg and the surrounding areas. The information is at your fingertips at and we are always available to assist those who are relocating to the area. And, of course, we love to answer questions about the area, and we’ve even been known to give area tours!

Chris Rooker, our team leader, is also the Director of Relocation Services at Kline May Realty. Because of our knowledge of the area, and the comprehensive guide we’ve put together, it only makes sense that our team leader is also the “head honcho” of relocation for our entire brokerage.

So whether you’ve lived here for 20 years, or you just moved to the area, or you are thinking about moving here, visit our online Relocation Guide, or contact us if you have any questions/concerns about the area, or even if you have an idea for the guide! We update it regularly, so if you have information you think would be valuable for newcomers, let us know. We just might use it in a future edition of the guide.


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