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What the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Means To Us

If you’re on Facebook, your news feed has probably been inundated with videos of people dumping ice water on their heads. This is due to a brilliant marketing campaign by the ALS Association, and has so far raised upwards of $70 million. ALS is a neurological disease that can strike...

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Downtown Harrisonburg Named Culinary District

For the first time in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Harrisonburg’s vibrant downtown has been named a “Culinary District,” thanks to approval from Harrisonburg’s city council on January 28th. Why a culinary district? Mostly because it will bring more people downtown to enjoy the variety of restaurants available. The food industry...

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Harrisonburg’s CubanBurger Renovated and Re-Opened

Several months ago, CubanBurger, located on Water Street in downtown Harrisonburg, was tucked in the back of Wine on Water (which is now closed) and adjoined with All Things Virginia (which has since moved). Fast forward to today, and we find CubanBurger has taken over all of this space, renovated...

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