What Sets Us Apart?

Many consumers believe that every real estate agent provides every client with the same service. This is not true! The Harrisonburg Homes Team sets itself apart from the rest. We provide a wide spectrum of services to each of our sellers by creating customized marketing plans for each listing. Selling your home is a big deal because in most cases, the home is the biggest asset that one has at any given time. We treat each listing with care, making sure to market that home in the best way that we possibly can to get the best price we possibly can for that seller.

Examples of what we might do for your home:

  • Elevated exterior photo of your home
  • Create an individual property website for your home (check out www.150Flyntshire.com for a live one!)
  • Virtual and/or video tour of your home
  • Four-color flyer to place at the curb (and occasionally send to other agents in the area)
  • “Just Listed” postcard mailing to your neighborhood
  • The list goes on…

We also provide tools on HarrisonburgHomes.com, our team website, to assist potential sellers with determining the value of their home and giving them a list of properties that have sold recently in their neighborhood.

We work hard every day to provide extraordinary service to our clients — buyers and sellers alike. Contact us today to find out how we can serve you!

About Lisa Oates

Lisa is the creative mind behind The Harrisonburg Homes Team, providing streamlined content management, quality authorship, and graphic design for Harrisonblog. She's passionate about blogging, enjoying life, and a good cup of coffee.