Archives: November 2008

Number of First-Time Home Buyers on The Rise

Selling an existing home is what many folks worry about these days, knowing they probably won’t get top dollar for their listing. However, first-time home buyers do not have an existing home to worry about, so the number of sales for this group is on the rise. It only makes...

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Home Sales Rising?

Is it really possible that home sales are rising despite the state of our nation’s economy? Apparently so! Here are some facts from Realty Times: Resales of existing homes jumped by 5.5 percent last week — that was the largest monthly increase since July of 2003, in the middle of...

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Do Your Part, and Starbucks Will Do Theirs

Tomorrow is Election Day! Starbucks is doing something amazing to get folks out to the polls. Go vote tomorrow, and then head over to your favorite Starbucks. Let them know you voted, and they’ll give you a free tall brew. A short video clip on their website explains perfectly why...

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