What Everybody Ought to Know About Staging Their Home — Part Two

Okay. So now that you have your home in ship-shape condition and ready for the market (see “Part One” of this series to catch up), it is imperative that you keep your home spic-n-span for showings! It will be a lot easier in the long run if you keep your home clean and sparkling on a daily basis, than if you only clean for scheduled showings. Many times, though not desirable to sellers, real estate agents will schedule showings with only a few hours notice. If your house looks like a bomb went off inside and you have just 2 hours to get it in perfect condition, that buyer walking through the door will probably notice that you went around in a whirlwind to get things picked up. So, follow these tips and welcome those last minute showings! Remember: more showings = better chance of selling.

Keep Your Home Looking Good for Showings

Keep Your House Looking Good for Showings

Stay De-Cluttered
At the end of each day, walk through each room of your home and pick up clutter and piles that have accumulated during the day. Better yet, put things away as you use them so no piles have a chance to form!

Keep it Clean
Dust and vacuum daily to keep your home sparkling. Keep an eye out for dirty toilets and counters. Always put dishes away. Remember to keep your closets and cabinets organized, too!

Watch the Curb Appeal
Keep in mind that home buyers want to feel invited into your home. If the inside of your home is sparkling clean, but the outside looks frazzled, all your hard work will likely go unnoticed because those buyers won’t want to step inside. So make sure you keep the front walk clear of debris, mow the lawn, pull weeds, and keep those blooms blooming. If you have windows into your garage, ensure that the garage is uncluttered and organized. Make home buyers want your house, inside and out!

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  1. Margaret Oscilia

    A couple of our favorite tips for home sellers are – get a few totes to have in the closet that can hold those things you need frequently – makes picking up easy when you have them available. We love trunks – wicker, leather – any type — they are great for storing things easily and quickly too. When you are done showering, toss your towel in the dryer and dry it – grab it out for your next shower — this way you can leave those decorative towels hung up nice and neat!

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