Virginia Homeowners Alliance

“A 2007 public opinion survey found that homeowners in Virginia were eager to join an organization that could look after and represent their best interests. In response to that need, the Virginia Association of REALTORS┬« and local associations of REALTORS┬« around Virginia have started the Virginia Homeowners Alliance” (Virginia Homeowners Alliance website).

The mission of this new Virginia Homeowners Alliance is to help homeowners protect their most valuable assets — their homes. We are all concerned about the housing market and the current economic climate, so this is a great place to join together, ask questions, and get answers from qualified experts.

When you join the Virginia Homeowners Alliance, it gives you access to some excellent resources, such as a mortgage calculator, tips on saving energy, school report cards, SOL scores, and even a kid’s room with SOL practice tests! You can also sign up to receive certain newsletters from the Virginia Association of REALTORS, with information on taxes, transportation, and the like.

Interested in joining? It’s completely FREE. Check it out here!


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