Interview: Get To Know The Real Lisa Oates

Okay, so because we posted about Chris and Brant, why not post about each team member? When one works with a team, he/she should be comfortable with that team and know who he/she is working with! It may seem odd that I’m posting about my interview, but I’m doing it anyway. I simply answered the same questions as the others. So here we go…

How long have you lived in the Harrisonburg area?
Short story: 5 years. Long story: I grew up in Washington State, went to college in Texas — LeTourneau University, met my husband there (he’s from all over, but mostly Georgia), got married in July of 2004 just after graduation, and moved to Harrisonburg. So we’ve been in the area for just over 5 years!

What did you do before real estate?
My first job out of college was at Rockingham Group in Harrisonburg. I worked as a Business Development Analyst. Then moved on to work at Digital Resources in Harrisonburg as a Marketing Associate. In May of 2007, I had our first baby and decided to use my marketing experience to pursue real estate.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in real estate?
I needed a challenge, wanted to work with people, wanted to stay at home with my daughter, and I’ve always had a desire to work in real estate. I love it!

What is your role on the team?
I started out as a Listing Coordinator to assist the team with all the marketing and administrative tasks that occur around our listings. Since I started 2 years ago, my role has evolved and stretched, and my official title is Marketing Director. Besides coordinating listings, I also work on our relocation guide, social networking, maps, blog, and a plethora of other marketing tasks. Now that I am licensed, I also assist buyer clients with their real estate endeavors.

What do you love about your job?
All of it! I enjoy working with Chris, Brant, Amy, and Sue because they, too, have a passion for what they do. I also love that I can do most of my work from home, see what the real estate market is up to, be social and help people accomplish their dreams!

Best place in Harrisonburg for a cup of coffee?
This is a big deal. I consider myself a coffee snob. I always love Starbucks, but since Greenberry’s has come to Harrisonburg, I’d have to say their Maple Latte in the Fall is my favorite beverage of choice. Not to mention their bold drip coffee, Sumatra. Yummy!


About Lisa Oates

Lisa is the creative mind behind The Harrisonburg Homes Team, providing streamlined content management, quality authorship, and graphic design for Harrisonblog. She's passionate about blogging, enjoying life, and a good cup of coffee.

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