Top 11 Reasons You Should Relocate to Harrisonburg

Top 11 Reasons to Relocate to Harrisonburg, Virginia | Harrisonblog

Why 11? We couldn’t stick to just 10, plus we like to be a little different!

Our team specializes, among other things, in relocation services at Kline May Realty. As such, we have put together a lot of helpful information for those thinking about moving to Harrisonburg or Rockingham County. Combining these tools and our expertise in the real estate market provides newcomers with extraordinary, unmatched service. Here is a list of the top reasons you should relocate to Harrisonburg.

1 // Population

Harrisonburg is not a big city, but it is also not a small town. There are over 52,000 residents in the City of Harrisonburg, and over 78,000 residents in Rockingham County. Combined, that’s a total of over 130,000 folks! Large enough to have an abundance of conveniences, but small enough that you feel like part of a community. If you’d like to see more statistics about Harrisonburg, click here.

2 // Climate & Weather

With the shelter of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east and the Allegheny Mountains to the west — and a wide valley in between — Harrisonburg and other cities and towns in the Shenandoah Valley enjoy mild weather. Unlike many mountain towns, the winters are quite tolerable! And even after the very hottest days of summer, the temperature almost always drops to a refreshing cool in the evenings.

3 // Tax Rates

Harrisonburg’s official motto is “The Friendly City.” This is true in many ways, but especially in terms of the area’s property taxes. Most buyers relocating from other areas simply can’t believe how low our tax rates are! The median price of a home in 2014 was $178,500. In the city, this would translate to an annual tax bill of $1,321 — or about $110 per month. To see an extensive list of tax rates in the area, click here.

4 // Employment

Harrisonburg is blessed with a low unemployment rate! Check out this cool chart from Google that shows the history of the unemployment rate in the area. Harrisonburg is also full of great organizations where many residents are employed, such as Rosetta Stone, Dynamic Aviation, SI International, Rockingham Memorial Hospital, and James Madison University. (There are many more, too!)

5 // Shopping

Harrisonburg has a variety of shopping centers that are always bustling with folks from morning to night. Many shops are locally owned and many are national chains. Harrisonburg is sure to have shops to fit your style and budget!

6 // Food

From fresh produce at the farmers markets to a wide variety of food choices throughout Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, there is a pleasureful palate for every taste. Harrisonburg even has a fresh fish market and some really outstanding grocery stores. Restaurants are always busy, too. There are many different types of cuisine throughout the city. For a list of popular restaurants in the area, click here.

7 // Museums & Attractions

There are a lot of entertainment options in Harrisonburg! Go downtown to the Children’s Museum, visit the farmer’s market, head on over to the George Washington National Forest, splash around in the Massanutten Water Park, take in the history at many different local events and museums… the list goes on! Click here to view a list of things to do and places to go in and around Harrisonburg.

8 // Parks

Harrisonburg is chock full of parks! You can find parks of any size and shape, that provide a variety of fun options for all ages: swimming pools, play grounds, picnic shelters, jogging trails, frisbee golf, sand volleyball, and more. Click here to view a list of parks and their offerings in the area, plus read our Area Parks Series!

9 // Annual Events

Throughout the year, Harrisonburg and the surrounding areas provide numerous outstanding events for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Whether it is marveling at the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, or taking a step back in time to the 19th century for a day with your family, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Check out a list of annual events (and add them to your calendar) here. You can also keep up with area happenings by watching our Event Calendar.

10 // Higher Education

We take pride in our local colleges and universities! Although James Madison University is the largest university in Harrisonburg, there are other choices like Eastern Mennonite University, Blue Ridge Community College, Bridgewater College, and National College of Business and Technology. If you are looking to enhance your knowledge, degree, and skill, one of these colleges will surely suit your needs.

11 // Fitness, Swimming & Golf

Harrisonburg residents take their work-out routines seriously. There are many options for fitness centers, swimming pools, and golf courses in the area, which provide a great quality of life and the opportunity to keep healthy. Click here for a list of fitness centers, click here for a list of swimming pools, and click here for a list of local golf courses.

Have you moved to Harrisonburg recently? What do you enjoy most about the area?


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