Archives: February 2010

To Rent Or To Buy? That Is The Question.

Many first time home buyers — and even some folks who have owned in the past and are currently renting — are just unsure about whether or not they should purchase a home. It is important to weigh your options before purchasing because it is likely the largest purchase you...

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Harrisonburg Neighborhood Tour: Pleasant Hill Acres

Pleasant Hill Acres is a quiet neighborhood located in the heart of Harrisonburg, nestled between Main Street and High Street, with mature trees and wide streets. The only traffic that runs through this neighborhood is from those that are visiting the neighborhood for a specific purpose. In other words: through...

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How Much Money Do You Need To Purchase A House?

When first time home buyers begin thinking about purchasing a home, their first thought is usually, “Can I afford it?” or “Do I have enough money?” These are valid questions, and do need to be answered before you begin your home search. The first step in the process of purchasing...

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