Apartments and Long-Term Rentals in Harrisonburg

Moving to the area? Know of someone who is? Sold your house and need somewhere to stay? Visiting for quite a few months? There are numerous reasons that one might need a long-term rental. The reality is that many folks these days are in need of a rental, so we have put together this list of apartments and long-term rentals in Harrisonburg.

Deer Run Apartments
899 Port Republic Road/Harrisonburg VA

The Greens Apartments
128 Chestnut Ridge Drive/Harrisonburg VA

Longview Oaks Apartments
480 Vine Street/Harrisonburg VA

Madison Manor
15 Port Republic Road/Harrisonburg VA

Meriwether Hills Apartments
151 Colonial Drive/Harrisonburg VA

Park Apartments
204 Rocco Avenue/Harrisonburg VA

Urban Exchange
238 East Water Street/Harrisonburg VA

Are you, or someone you know, thinking of relocating to the Harrisonburg area? Give us a call! We have a plethora of great information for relocators, and can help make the transition as smooth as possible. You can also view our online Relocation Guide for more information.


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  1. AvatarPaul Riner

    Lisa, great post on relocation! Anyone looking for a rental can also contact our company, Riner Rentals, if they are looking for a rental while they wait to buy or build from The Harrisonburg Homes Team!


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