Red Front Grocery Store Launches Home Delivery Service

Red Front Supermarket, locally-owned and located between Downtown Harrisonburg and EMU (just north of Waterman Elementary School) in the Holiday Hills neighborhood, is launching a new home delivery service. Shoppers can now place orders online or call a toll free number and Red Front will deliver the groceries. Talk about great service! This will be especially helpful for busy professionals and the elderly, but will also prove beneficial for businesses and organizations who don’t want to send out for, say, more coffee supplies and toilet paper.

“I can’t wait to get this rolling”, said Matt Johndrow, Delivery Manager, “I feel like this is something that people will really appreciate, especially if you don’t have the time or the mobility that you used to. Knowing that your groceries will come to you is a big help.”

Another option for getting your groceries from Red Front faster is to order online and pick up yourself. All fees, delivery times, and a map of delivery areas can be found on Red Front’s website.


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2 thoughts on “Red Front Grocery Store Launches Home Delivery Service

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  2. Avatarc. showker

    Takes me back to the days when my Mother called in her grocery list for delivery and asked that the clerk “snap” a green bean into the telephone so she could tell if they wee fresh! A busy Mother of 6 in the 1930’s,the “grocery boy” was a necessity to a non-driving home-maker.


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