Kline May Showings Update: Year End 2010

It is time for another update on how showings have fared at our brokerage, Kline May Realty. We made it through 2010, and showings were up from last year for half of this year. This means we’ve had our ups and downs (as you can see on the chart below), but we are confident that there are still buyers out there, showings will continue to occur, and 2011 will bring opportunities for buyers in our local market.

[To see a larger version of the chart above, simply click on the chart and it will enlarge in a new window]

As you can see, showings in December were down (by over 28%) since last year, but November brought a pretty big increase (over 22%) since 2009. Before the holidays rolled around, buyers were out looking at homes. Perhaps because of all the busyness of December, they put their home searches on hold. Only time will tell… so stay tuned for more updates on buyer activity at Kline May.

Overall, showings were up in 2010 from 2009 by 3.54%!


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