The Harrisonburg Homes Team Using The Latest in Mobile Web Technology

We like to stay on the “cutting edge” of technology, especially in marketing our listings, and the new big thing is not only cool, it is also quite functional and easy to use. We’re talking about QR Codes. Ever heard of them? You’ve probably seen QR Codes in stores like Best Buy (they have them on all of their product/price tags), on shipping labels, flyers, maybe even t-shirts or billboards. QR Codes, like the one below, are basically pixelated photos that folks can scan with their smart phone, iPod Touch, iPad, or other mobile device with web capabilities and any number of things can happen with the scan:

  • Send you to a designated web site. For instance, at Best Buy, if you scan one of their product QR Codes, it will send you to the product page on their website.
  • Add contact information to your phone contacts list.
  • Bring you to an email draft.
  • Send you to an online map (for directions, etc.)
  • Allow you to purchase a product online and on the spot.
  • Link to a YouTube video
  • etc., etc., etc.

We are starting to use this technology in our listings marketing, but will likely expand the use of these cool codes into other parts of our business too. From now on, you’ll see QR Codes on our print flyers (which you can find in weather-resistant boxes in front of each home we list). Simply scan the code on any of our flyers, and it will bring you to that home’s property web site, where you can view photos and watch the home’s video tour!

Here is an example. If you have a mobile device with web capabilities, go ahead and scan this code. It will add Chris Rooker’s contact information to your contacts, so you can easily contact our team leader!

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