Tax Exemption for Solar Energy in the City of Harrisonburg

A while ago we posted about using solar energy to power your home, and how EMU has been making Virginia history by installing the Commonwealth’s largest solar panel array. Solar energy is a very economical use of resources, and is becoming more and more popular. There have been tax credits available for those going after the “greener” option of energy usage (even for residences), but now the City of Harrisonburg is stepping in and providing a 100% tax exemption for businesses who are going the solar route.

According to HburgNews, the ordinance reads, “Effective on…July 1, 2010…certified solar equipment, facilities or devices…are hereby declared to be a separate class of property and shall be exempt from taxation at one hundred percent (100%) of its assessed value for the first twenty (20) years of its useful life.”

This is great news for businesses and other commercial entities — like EMU — because not only does it provide a viable alternative for power, but it is less harsh on our environment!

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