Kline May Company Surpasses $100 Million in Sales Volume

If you’ve worked with a Kline May agent in the past few years, you know that after each transaction, the client receives a satisfaction survey. Kline May takes very seriously the opinions and feedback received from clients in these surveys. To date, Kline May Company (which includes Kline May Realty and Cottonwood Commercial) has over a 98.9% satisfaction rate for both buyers and sellers.

Our team, The Harrisonburg Homes Team, is part of Kline May Realty, and we also take very seriously the needs and wants of each of our clients — both buyers and sellers alike.

Because of this extreme care in customer satisfaction, the Company has surpassed $100 million in sales volume for 2011! (In 2010, this milestone was not met until 72 days later.)

Just a little tidbit, allowing us to toot our horn, for just a little while. Toot, toot!


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