Bridgewater Oakwood Drive Construction Project

Another construction project in Bridgewater will begin this summer (the last major project in Bridgewater was on Dinkel Avenue, which is now on hold due to errors made by a subcontractor and repairs needing to be made…). This time, VDOT will be funding construction to Oakwood Drive, which is a busy road connecting Route 11 and Route 42. Along Oakwood Drive are several subdivisions — Windsor Estates, Ashby Villa, etc. — and residents of these neighborhoods have been supportive of this construction project for a while now.

This project will build sidewalks on the north side of the road, which will allow for easy and safe access for walkers and bicyclists to Main Street (Route 42), and also to Turner Ashby High School and John Wayland Elementary School, which are a couple blocks north of Oakwood Drive. Access to the schools is through residential neighborhoods, some of which already have sidewalks.

Did you know that Bridgewater was the first town in Virginia to be allowed to manage its own transportation projects? So, this project is mostly funded by VDOT (80%), but managed by the Town of Bridgewater, which is funding the rest (20%).

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