Advice From a Local Harrisonburg Attorney on Estate Planning

Estate planning takes some time and effort, and if you have more than $250 worth of property to your name, you really should meet with an attorney (and financial advisor, for that matter) to create a will and other essential legal documents. As morbid as it sounds, it is not a matter of if you die, but when. Take care of your loved ones by making a careful plan for your estate, no matter your age or current health.

Clint Sellers, a Harrisonburg attorney, recently wrote a blog post titled “Why You Do Not Need a Will.” It lists all the excuses folks come up with to avoid developing a will, along with reasons to combat these excuses. Here’s just one example Sellers gives:

I’ll get around to it.
OK – when?  There are basic elements of an estate plan – such as an advance medical directive and a power of attorney – that unlike a will only work during your life.  Statistically we are all likely to be disabled at some point (even temporarily) and without these simple and inexpensive documents in place it may be impossible to take care of your family, manage your property, pay your bills and arrange for medical care without expensive and time-consuming court proceedings.

Check out the rest over on Clint Sellers’ blog.


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