Discovering Harrisonburg’s Suburbs: Dayton

We’ve mentioned Dayton several times before on Harrisonblog, but never really at an in-depth level. Located just a couple minutes southwest of the city, it is a wonderful, charming town with a population of about 1,200 folks, a plethora of locally owned shops and restaurants, a Cargill turkey plant, the ever popular Dayton Farmers Market (where you can peruse gifts, lighting, books and toys, meats and cheeses, chocolates, baked goods, kitchenware, and more!), and Silver Lake Mill. Dayton also hosts many events throughout the year — Dayton Days Autumn Festival and the Redbud Festival to name just two — that always draw large crowds.

A short video was recently put together by the Town of Dayton promoting the lovely town and all it has to offer:

Looking for even more helpful information about Dayton? Over on our team’s newly revamped website, we’ve got a page dedicated just to this quaint suburb of Harrisonburg that includes a list of homes and land currently for sale.

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