Harrisonburg Street Views and Neighborhood Video Tours

Our real estate team has been helping folks move into the Harrisonburg area for several years. We understand that moving to a new place can be a little scary, especially when you don’t know the area well, if at all. Technology is here to help! Harrisonburg is now officially on the “Street View” version of Google Maps, and to add to this fabulous functionality, we’ve created our own neighborhood video tours. So if you or someone you know is thinking of moving to the area (or if you have some time to kill and like playing with these sorts of things), these resources will be extremely helpful. And of course, you can give us a call and we can personally help you with your relocation, too!

A few great ways to get to know Harrisonburg:

Street Views

We’ve always considered technology to be a very useful function — not only for personal use, but also for the real estate industry. Sure, some new tech applications and devices flop, but many of them thrive. One new resource on the interwebs that we think is extremely helpful (and a little bit addicting, to be quite frank) is Street View on Google Maps. Have you seen the car with the video camera strapped to the top driving around Harrisonburg? It is a little strange to think that little device can output some amazing, useful results.

Click here to tour Harrisonburg with Street View

Neighborhood Video Tours

We have put together a channel of neighborhood video tours that provide a nice look at what Harrisonburg’s neighborhood really look like. Over 51 neighborhoods have been featured, so we think that no matter where you would like to live, we’ve pretty much got it covered.

Relocation Guide

To top it all off, we’ve got a comprehensive online Relocation Guide that highlights a myriad of things a new resident (or visitor) would find helpful: restaurants, things to do, tax rates, climate, statistics, lodging, rentals, schools, and much, much more!

Questions about relocation? Harrisonburg neighborhoods? How we can help you? Let us know! We’d love to assist you.

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