New Park and Restaurant Coming To Dayton?

The Town of Dayton has been feverishly working on its image in recent months. We posted about their promotional video back in November, they launched a new town website, and now we’ve got some more news! Plans are moving forward to construct a new park on College Street and also to revive an 1800’s diner on Main Street.


A park has been proposed for use on College Street where Jim’s Drive-in used to operate, partly due to the fact that this piece of land is situated in a flood zone and wouldn’t be useful for much else (at least in a cost effective way). This new park could offer several parking spaces, a water feature, picnic tables and landscaped areas, bathrooms, and a stage or pavilion. So far, the Dayton Town Council has approved one drawing for this proposed park.


245 Main Street in Downtown Dayton used to operate as a diner in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Plans for a revival of this property are moving forward, and the town wants to rediscover its original character. There are two levels of the building that can be used, plus an outdoor patio area. Conceptual drawings have been sent to three bidders so far, and the hope is that folks would eat at this restaurant who normally wouldn’t visit Dayton.

Below is a map of where these planned projects would be located, if completed. It is possible that both of these projects could be completed by this time next year.

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  1. Brant Suter

    Sounds like two terrific ideas for Dayton in my opinion! I hope things work out for both.

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