How to Find a Rental in Harrisonburg

How to find a rental in Harrisonburg

I get a LOT of phone calls, emails, and inquiries through our website from people who are looking for a home to rent. Our team typically does not broker leases between owners and renters — however, I want to help when someone contacts me. So I’ve put together a list of good online sources for rentals in the Harrisonburg area:

1. The Daily News-Record (in case you have not moved to the area yet, the DNR is the major newspaper)

2. Three brokerages that almost exclusively practice property management: Priority Property Management (Kline May Realty’s sister company), Mountain Valley Management, and Riner Rentals.

3. A number of new housing options are now available in the downtown area, including Urban ExchangeColonnade at RocktownThe Flats @ City Exchangeamong others.

4. Harrisonburg’s Craigslist page (look under the “housing” section)

5. The e-classifieds page of Eastern Mennonite University

6. James Madison University’s Off Campus Housing Service

7. A long list of rental sources on the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce website

8. Our team has a list of apartment complexes in our online Relocation Guide.

9. Finally, Rocktown Realty offers rental options and property management.

If you know of any others in the area not listed here, please comment below! We understand how important it is to find suitable housing, whether renting or buying, so we like to provide you with helpful and up-to-date information.


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    Do you have anything for the timberville va area houses for rent from owners town houses ,apartments ,condos I would really appreciate it thanks for your time and helping me look .I’m looking to move in February 1st 2017 if possible


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