The Only Film Festival of its Kind in the World, Right Here in Harrisonburg

Super Gr8 Film Festival

Image source: Super Gr8

You walk into Court Square Theater. It’s a packed house. You wait expectantly in your seat. Raw video footage filmed around Harrisonburg pops up on the screen. A ban on post-editing gives you an appreciation for the talent — or at least guts — of local souls behind these numerous short films. It’s the 5th Annual Super Gr8 Film Festival, and it’s super popular… and unique:

The Super Gr8 Film Festival is the only film festival of its kind in the world and it happens in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Our creative community has come together and welcomed the festival by pooling their collective abilities, talents, ideas, and visions. The medium of film is a great meeting ground for actors, directors, cinematographers, designers, musicians, and artists.

Get a glimpse of what this event is all about, get a more in-depth look behind the scenes, and get your tickets here — there is a color night and a black & white night — and they’re cheaper in advance.

All that’s left is to ask the obvious question… ARE YOU SUPER GR8?

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