Harrisonburg Will Grow 43% in Population Over a 20-Year Period

We’re big fans of interesting statistics and cool interactive web tools. Put those two together and of course we have to share it! We came across this interactive mapping tool that shows what any metro area’s population (and other stats) will be like by the year 2030. According to it, Harrisonburg will experience a population growth of 42.77% between 2010 and 2030. That’s 84,805 more people in just 20 years.

Harrisonburg's Population Growth from 2015 - 2030


 Interested in more area statistics? Check this out.

What do you think? Will Harrisonburg truly grow by 42.77% in 20 years? How do you think our community will handle it?


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3 thoughts on “Harrisonburg Will Grow 43% in Population Over a 20-Year Period

  1. John Johnson


    Since the baseline is from 2010, what info is out there to say if, five years into this, is Harrisonburg population on track with this projection? Thanks!

    1. Lisa Oates Post author

      Great question, John!

      I looked on the map tool for dates 2010 – 2020 (smallest date range possible) and it says Harrisonburg will experience a population increase of 18.21%, or 36,113 people. I’m not positive on what they are using as “Harrisonburg area,” but I do know that Harrisonburg and Rockingham County combined had a population of 128,372 in 2012 and 125,228 in 2010. In a 2-year time span, that is a change of 2.5%.

      Hope that helps!

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