The Real World of Real Estate: Video Tips, Advice, and Answers with a Hilarious Host

Zach Koops is a creative, smart, funny agent on our team. He joined back in 2013 and has added so much zest and infectious passion for real estate (and customer service!) ever since. As a way to educate clients, Zach has taken his knowledge and melded it with creativity to produce a series of videos called, “The Real World of Real Estate.”

Here, he’ll provide home buyers and sellers with practical tips, advice, how-to’s, answer commonly asked questions, explain typical processes in each transaction (home inspections, radon tests, etc.), and much more.

BONUS: These are the opposite of boring instructional videos. Zach injects hilarity into each one, making them incredibly entertaining. Plus, they’re short and to the point, so you won’t be muddling through while daydreaming about how else you could’ve spent your time.

The first two episodes are below. Check out Zach’s YouTube channel for more!

[headline_subtitle title=”The Real World of Real Estate” subtitle=”Watch. Laugh. Learn. Benefit.”]

What advice, help, or tips would like to see from Zach? Comment to let us know!


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