Full Schedule of Events for Valley Fourth Harrisonburg (with lots of kid fun!)

Valley 4th Harrisonburg

(Image Source: Valley Fourth Harrisonburg Facebook page)

There’s something about July 4th that sets it apart as one of the best holidays of the year. Maybe it’s the all-day consumption of picnic food or the way the community comes out and enjoys the summer heat and sun. Maybe it’s the fun activities, the extra touch of patriotism in the air, or the way the red-white-and-blue color palette is crammed into every food creation and clothing choice. Or maybe it’s because all these things are perfectly blended together for a day-long celebration with a slam-bang finish of a fireworks show.

To prepare for this extra special holiday, check out the jam-packed list of amazing activities below and get ready to celebrate July 4th, Harrisonburg-style, which in our opinion is the best way to celebrate!

Valley Fourth Events:

The Harrisonburg Farmers Market
@ Turner Pavilion.
Valley 4th Run kicks off downtown
Register now and get more information!
for kids option2
Tattoo and Motorcycle Competition hosted by TJ’s Dermagraphics
In parking lot across from Court House
Reading of the Declaration of Independence
@ the east side of the Court House
Third Annual Grillin’ at the Pavilion BBQ Cook-Off Challenge
Tasting tickets available at 3pm at the Info Booth near the Pavilion
2.5 hour “Summer in America Tour” by Rocktown Bites
People’s Choice Sampling as part of Grillin’ at the Pavilion event
Tickets for sampling available at 4pm at Pavilion Info Tent
Beers N’ Cheers
@ Turner Pavilion
Kids Zone (lots of great activities!)
@ Court Square
for kids
Marketplace of Vendors (Art Market, Food and Craft Vendors)
@ Court Square
Live performance from The Band Concord
@ Turner Pavilion
“Get Outdoors and Get Moving” Parade
Main Street
Live performance from Love Cannon
@ Turner Pavilion
Awards Ceremony for Seed Spitting Contest, BBQ Cook-Off, & Parade
@ Turner Pavilion
Best view from Turner Pavilion parking lot.

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