Archives: July 2015

Bridgewater Received $944,000 from VDOT to Fund Dry River Road Project

Dry River Road, situated behind Marshall's Distribution Center, Shickel Corporation, and Perdue, connects the Town of Bridgewater with Route 257 heading west of Dayton and into Montezuma. This is a heavily traveled road for folks with a variety of transportation needs: vehicles, big rigs, buggies, tractors, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Though the speed limit is only 25 mph, it can prove quite dangerous with such heavy traffic on a "commute" route. Enter VDOT...

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Area Parks: A Dream Come True Playground

For the third park in our Area Parks Series we visited the always colorful and aptly named A Dream Come True Playground. This park really is a dream come true, not only because of the fantastic and extensive play equipment, but because it all started with a small Girl Scout Troop who had a big dream. They dreamed of a playground where all children, regardless of age or abilities could truly play side by side. Now that’s a dream worth fighting for! After 9 years, this fully accessible and inclusive park was a reality.

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