Area Parks: A Dream Come True Playground

Playground Main

For the third park in our Area Parks Series we visited the always colorful and aptly named A Dream Come True Playground. This park really is a dream come true, not only because of the fantastic and extensive play equipment, but because it all started with a small Girl Scout Troop who had a big dream. They dreamed of a playground where all children, regardless of age or abilities could truly play side by side. Now that’s a dream worth fighting for! After 9 years, this fully accessible and inclusive park was a reality. Read more about the Playground’s story here.

Location 2

The playground is located off Neff Avenue on Thomas Bowers Circle. There is plenty of parking to accommodate even the busiest of park-going days. It is open from 8am to dusk, weather permitting.

Features 2

A totally accessible/inclusive playground, the park contains separate, age-appropriate play equipment for children from 2-5 years old and 5-12 years old. There are also covered pavilions with picnic tables, a hammock, swings, a “liberty swing” for children in wheel chairs, a roadway, restrooms, and even a play town complete with fire station, TV station, and ice cream shop.

2-5 year olds

Smaller children can enjoy a separate play area with equipment made for their size and ability level.

5-12 years old

Older children will be happy to have their own space to run, climb, and slide. This extensive area of the playground has pretty much anything a 5-12 year old could want for a day at the park.

Why We Love It

So, why do we love this playground? We love it’s story. We love how the vast variety of equipment and play areas ensure that any child can have a good time. The shaded picnic areas and benches provide an excellent place for parents and families to meet up while being able to keep an eye on their children. And the bright colors are sure to brighten up even the drabbest day.

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