Harrisonburg’s SE Connector Project: The End is in Sight

I enjoy road trips, traveling the scenic highways of our beautiful United States of America (and sometimes venturing into Canada), and relishing in the various, fascinating landscapes of our nation from point A to point B. In fact, I just returned from a wonderful vacation that required 12 hours in “Fifi,” our Honda Odyssey. However, as much as I love a good drive, I’m a big fan of short commutes. Getting from one side of Rockingham County, one of the largest counties in the Commonwealth, to the other can take an hour. And that’s no exaggeration.


The Harrisonburg SE Connector project is nearing completion, with a ribbon cutting ceremony underway today, actually, where this 6.1 mile stretch of asphalt will finally reach Route 33 East from Route 42. Hello, shorter commutes! It will be called Route 280, and it will be the most heavily traveled road in Harrisonburg. No worries about traffic, though, because several lanes will ease the flow.

Harrisonburg SE Connector Project

photo credit: harrisonburgcre.com

With a bypass comes the ability for new businesses to open up shop (bonus: more jobs created), and residents and visitors alike will be able to cross town more quickly, allowing for easier access to existing businesses — locally- and nationally-owned alike.

Fellow real estate pro, Tim Reamer, of Cottonwood Commercial, wrote 1,124 words about asphalt, stating how our area will benefit from the finality of the SE Connector, both from a residential and commercial perspective.

How do you feel about the completion of the SE Connector? Let us know in the comments!


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