Area Parks: Hillandale is a Beautiful Pocket of Nature in the Middle of Harrisonburg

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For the fifth park in our Area Parks Series we visited Hillandale Park, a tree-filled oasis in the middle of Harrisonburg. Take a look!
Location 2

The Park is located off 42 on Hillandale Avenue.


Hillandale consists of 74 lovely acres of shady, wooded paths highlighted by several open fields.

Features 2

The Park features 12 picnic shelters, playground equipment, 11 pieces of exercise equipment at various points on the 1.3 mile walking trail, a sand volleyball court, 2 basketball courts, horseshoe pitching areas, restrooms, a reproduction log cabin, and plenty of parking. The park is also home to the extensive network of Rocktown Bike Trails, consisting of several trails spanning three levels of difficulty (these are absolute must-try trails if you like mountain biking, walking, jogging, peaceful scenery, or just… well… nature in general).


Great American Backyard Campout is an annual, nationally recognized event that gets people out to enjoy a night of camping.
The International Festival is a free, family friendly event that celebrates our community’s intercultural diversity. There is always a plethora of food, crafts, activities, and all around good times.
The Shamrock 5K Trail Run is a beginner 5K run that takes place around St. Patrick’s Day with proceeds benefiting the Shenandoah Valley High Rollers Wheelchair Basketball Team.

Why We Love It

I’m slightly partial to Hillandale because I live near it and have enjoyed a morning walk on its peaceful, tranquil trails many times. If you love trees, woods, and trails like I do, you have to visit this park and breathe deeply of the fresh air in this little pocket of nature in the middle of Harrisonburg (can you tell it’s my happy place?). Hillandale is ideal for a peaceful stroll with your dog (there’s even a doggy water fountain for the hot days!), a group gathering (in one of its many picnic shelters), a pick-up sporting game (in the open fields or basketball and volleyball courts), a morning jog/workout (utilizing the exercise equipment alongside the walking trail), or a picnic under an old tree. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try out the network of well-maintained mountain biking trails or bike moguls on one edge of the park.

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  1. Amanda

    Is there a good printable map of the trails? I want to walk a loop, but find it impossible to predict where the trails will spit me out.


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