Archives: October 2015

Harrisonburg Real Estate Market Report: September 2015

The September Harrisonburg and Rockingham County real estate market didn't fare nearly as well as the previous few months, but that is to be expected. Our area typically sees a dip in market activity as the summer months finish up, but looking at the big picture, we still saw positive trends continue to build. Check out this month's stats!

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Solid Advice: What You Need to Know Before Building a Home

You've seen it before -- the oft-used, enticing headline on land for sale -- "Build Your Dream Home!" Have you ever actually pondered what it might be like to not only build, but also live in your dream home? What features would you most definitely include? What would you exclude? What would your yard look like? Your kitchen? Your master suite? The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing finishes, paint colors, and floor plans. In fact, it can get downright overwhelming. To ease the stress, we gathered some valuable tips on the home construction process.

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