Our Most Memorable Moments in Real Estate

Our Most Memorable Moments in Real Estate | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty

Our team was formed in 2003 by Chris Rooker, who had a vision for providing extraordinary customer service in real estate to Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Since then, we’ve grown in many ways — added team members, expanded our marketing efforts, provided better service to our clients, increased sales, etc. — but our experiences are what make us truly great. We often chat as a team about memorable moments, and thought it would be fun to share some of our best with you, our faithful readers.

What is your most memorable moment in real estate to date?

Cathi Beighe | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty

Cathi Beighe //

I have had many “interesting” experiences in real estate so far but my favorite is having awesome clients that I was able to give laying hens to as a closing gift.  Too fun!

Chris Rooker | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty

Chris Rooker //

There are a number of shocking and outrageous things I’ve seen over the years, but to answer this question in a positive way — I remember a closing with some first-time home buyers who were absolutely giddy at the closing.  The wife was so happy she was actually bouncing up and down in her chair through the whole closing — she could not contain her excitement!

Brant Suter | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty

Brant Suter //

I had a buyer client test the smoke alarm at a walk through by lighting a cigarette, stand on his tippy-toes, and blow smoke at the alarm to activate the system.

Zach Koops | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty

Zach Koops //

Most memorable moment? The night the office building was on fire. I’ll never forget it – I was downtown getting a beer with Chris and Brant when we noticed lights and heard sirens nearby. When we looked down the street and saw a fire truck, it occurred to us that it just might be our building that was aflame. Thankfully no one was injured, and it was only the upper two floors that were damaged. So other than a little water on the floor, our office was safe and sound. Fun night!

Matt Ogden | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty

Matt Ogden //

I pulled up to a showing and as soon as I got out of the car, I had to rush my clients back into the car.  The have-a-heart trap at the front entrance of the home I was showing contained a skunk.  There are a lot of things I will do to make a sale, but dueling Pepe le Peu is not one of them.

Do you have a memorable moment from buying or selling a home? Share in the comments!


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