Archives: December 2016

Community Spotlight: The Free Clinic

As someone who works downtown, I have walked by the Free Clinic hundreds (if not thousands) of times. And yet, I was not fully aware of what a remarkable and necessary community resource it is - a (quite literally) life-saving service for many of my neighbors. The clinic is full of exceptional people on a mission "to provide affordable, sustainable healthcare services for low-income and uninsured adults, primarily through volunteer resources and community support." An incredible resource for so many in the community, one Free Clinic doctor calls his volunteer work at the clinic "the purest form of medicine." Read on to learn a little bit about what the clinic is all about.

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How To Choose a Color Palette For Your Whole Home

Color can have a major impact on how we feel, our creative juices, and productivity. Does your home's current color palette portray your personality and give you a mood boost? Does it emote the feeling you want for you and your guests? It can be overwhelming to think about choosing a whole house color palette, especially if color-picking isn't your strong suit, but fear not, we'll take you step-by-step through the process of determining one that perfectly suits you and your family.

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Top 5 Sales: Week of 11/21/16

Take a quick look at the new Weekly Top 5 Sales in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County series! Here, we'll provide a snapshot of the past week's highest priced closings, including just a bit of detail about each of the homes. An easy way to stay tuned in to our local real estate market...

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