When We Were Rookies: Remembering Our Very First Real Estate Transactions

Remembering our first real estate transactions | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty

No one day in the real estate business is like any other. Any given day can encompass showings, negotiations, client meetings, follow-ups, lead management, training and continuing education, listing presentations, networking, and closings. And every Realtor has a first for each and every one of those daily happenings. So, I asked our agents…

What is something you remember about your first transaction as a real estate agent?

Matt Ogden | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty


“I remember being nervous. Sure, I had completed all the classwork and training, but I was now actually helping someone buy their home.  I met that client for the first time at the first showing.  I fumbled the lockbox on the first couple attempts, but soon after I had the door open, I regained composure, and everything felt perfectly natural.  I knew then that I had made the correct choice in becoming a Realtor.  We all still struggle with a lockbox every now and again, right?”

Chris Rooker | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty


“I started in real estate back in 2003.  I had lost my previous job, so I started full-time right from the beginning and was extremely nervous about whether I would be successful or not.  The first Sunday at church after I started, a young couple came up to me, introduced themselves, and said they had heard I had started in real estate and wanted me to help them find a home.  It was a huge confidence boost.  They still live in the house I found for them, and every time I drive by it, I feel gratitude for their leap of faith in me.”

Cathi Beighe | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty


“One of my first transactions was with buyers who were looking for a house with some land in a rural setting.  We went out several times to look at properties out in the country in areas that I never knew existed.  It was a great learning experience and I was happy to help them find their first home on 5 acres in Mt. Solon.”

Zach Koops | The Harrisonburg Homes Team @ Kline May Realty


“One of my early transactions happened to be with buyers who were friends of mine. They simply walked up to me and said, “Zach, we’d like you to be our Realtor. What do you say?” Naturally, I said it would be my pleasure, and I walked away beaming – because at that moment I felt I had made it as a Realtor!”

What do you remember most about your very first real estate purchase? Tell us in the comments!

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