Best Sweet Spots in Harrisonburg

Best Sweet Spots in Harrisonburg | Harrisonblog

SUGAR! Oh boy, do we love our sweets. The decadence and delight that can be found in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County are almost sinful. Without further ado…

Best Places in Harrisonburg to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

Salty and sweet? Um, yes please! This downtown gourmet popcorn shop features an extensive variety of flavors — all utterly delicious — and we can’t get enough of it. Try the Buckeye flavor. Caramel popcorn covered in chocolate and peanut butter. To die for.

Splendid sweets can be found in The Dayton Market on Route 42 South, just minutes from Harrisonburg. Try a free sample, and visit often because their seasonal delights are amazing! We love their chocolates. YUM.

This iconic ice cream shop with two Harrisonburg locations always features vanilla, chocolate, and a flavor of the week, plus fun extra menu items like banana splits, milk shakes, and even treats for your pup!

Ah, more ice cream. If you’re looking for more flavor options and lots of “fixin’s,” then Brusters will not fail you. And their waffle cones? Heavenly.

This fun new donut shop on Port Republic Road offers a large variety of flavors in a perfect small size… for when you just need a little something to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Speaking of donuts… another incredible sweet spot with a main location on Port Republic Road and lots of mobile locations scattered around the Valley (or check any Exxon station!) is Strite’s Donuts, serving up large potato-based donuts for $1 each and several flavors to choose from. Really, there are zero bad choices!

If gelato and local ingredients is more your style, you simply must try Bella Gelato & Pastries. Located adjacent to the Water Street parking deck, grab a free sample of gelato, then indulge in a full portion and perhaps even finish the experience with one of their espresso drinks. Homemade waffle cones, anyone?

More than just beer and wings, Billy Jack’s — which just so happens to be right across the street from our office downtown — makes the most amazing Psycho Girl Scout Donut. Let’s just say it involves peanut butter and gooey marshmallow. That is all.

For the Love of Macarons

Perhaps you’ve become addicted to macarons (like a certain unnamed agent/co-owner of our team). You can find them at Boboko, Cinnamon Bear, Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market, and Heritage Bakery. You’re welcome!

Mixing and matching frozen yogurt has never been more fun! Fill up your cup at Sweet Frog with whatever flavors you desire, then top them with an abundance of candy, fruit, sauces, and more. Pay by weight. (You know… marshmallows are really light.)

Need candy? Bulk or pre-packaged, Martins — believe it or not — offers a wide variety to suit your every desire. And if you get a whole bag for yourself and despise sharing… there’s no judgment here.

What’s your favorite sweet spot in the ‘Burg? Share the love!

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