Food Truck Delights: Waffle Yum!

Waffle Yum | Harrisonburg Homes Team
Credit: Katie Ameigh (Ameigh Photography)

Waffle Yum is a new food truck in the Harrisonburg area that features Belgian Liege Waffles – made from dough (not batter) and Pearl sugar (can you say caramelization and flavor?) that combine to create a tasty treat! They also offer fruit smoothies!

Read below for Renae and Dave Eaton’s answers to our questions!

Waffle Yum can be found at the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market at the Turner Pavilion Saturdays from 8am-1pm.

What inspired you to start Waffle Yum?
Dave was looking to start a business that could do 2 things. First, it needed to start as a part-time adventure allowing him to stay in his current job. Second, it could not need a permanent “brick and mortar” location. So that takes you into “travelling” business or services. After a few ideas researched that did not fully meet our expectations, we started looking at food truck ideas. Well…..Dave LOVES waffles. When doing research on a possible waffle truck, he found that there are some out there in the US. That set him to researching that idea. The more we talked about it and researched it, the more we loved the idea!

What are some of the stories behind your flavor combinations?

Elvis Waffle |
Credit: Katie Ameigh (Ameigh Photography)

We thought about what would taste good on the waffles…obviously. Dave has always put peanut butter on his waffles, so an Elvis-themed waffle was a quick addition.

Red, White, and Blue Waffle |
Credit: Katie Ameigh (Ameigh Photography)

I love fruit, so we knew a fruit topped waffle would be there (the Red, White, and Blue).

Credit: Katie Ameigh (Ameigh Photography)

Some of the other combinations were from thinking about the different customers we would have. For example, “what would a kid like?” S’mores!

Bacon and Egg Waffle |
Credit: Katie Ameigh (Ameigh Photography)

One night we were thinking about what about a hearty combination. What about bacon and egg on TOP? So, we made two for dinner, and it was so delicious!

If you’re wondering, YES! We have eaten A LOT of waffles over the past year!

…and their personal favorites? 

Dave: For the reasons above, Dave’s favorite is the Elvis.

Renae: Red, White, and Blue! I love blueberries!

For more information – check out their website

What flavor combination would you try, or would you make up your own? Share in the comments!

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  1. Stefan Robert

    I think the food truck business is a great idea. But you should need to market research first. Cause one small town one or two food truck best for the food truck business.


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