10+ Things You Didn’t Expect to Find in Agora Market

We here at Harrisonblog love the Agora Market in downtown Harrisonburg (165 S. Main Street to be exact). It has candy, clothing, candles, coffee, hardware, running shoes…the list goes on. We’ve done a bit of sleuthing and found some unusual items you wouldn’t expect to find in Agora Market…

Randy's Hardware | Agora Downtown Market

cutting keys /1/

Need to make a copy of your key? Randy’s Hardware Market has snazzy key cutting abilities!

Broad Porch Coffee | Agora Market Harrisonblog

loose leaf tea /2/

Broad Porch Coffee not only has delicious coffee and espresso drinks, but they offer a selection of locally sourced loose leaf teas from Cub Run Tea Company in Keezletown!

New Creation | Agora Market Harrisonblog

genuine….goat (!) leather bags /3/

New Creation has loads of great gift items, and also something a little bit more…unusual! Fair trade handmade goat leather bags!

Bluestone Running | Agora Market Harrisonblog

lots and lots of running shoes /4/

Bluestone Running offers a variety of running shoes, and energy bars, and socks, and…and.. you’ll just have to go in and see everything they have to offer yourself!

Lineage | Agora Market Harrisonblog

plain ol’ straight up Harrisonburg t-shirts /5/

Love The Friendly City so much you want to take home a t-shirt but aren’t affiliated with a local university or sports team? Well – Lineage Goods and Wooden Trout Art Gallery is offering super cool graphic t-shirts all about the Burg! Also – stop by and watch them work in their studio right in the Market!

Mandy's Candy | Agora Market Harrisonblog

fresh handspun cotton candy /6/

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at the Summer Fair all year long? Stop by Mandy’s Candy for your sweet tooth fix! (if you’re a little more adventurous, you can check out the lollipops with ants or any of her other wonderful retro selection!)

Heatworn Vintage | Agora Market Harrisonblog

cowboy boots + all things vintage! /7/

Heartworn Vintage offers a whole ton of vintage clothing and housewares, but they have a lovely selection of cowboy boots…and while you’re there don’t forget to check out Gigi (the toilet brush poodle).

The Isle Co. | Agora Market Harrisonblog

soy lotion candles with +/- 35 fragrances /8/

The Isle Co. creates candles that can be used as lotion and they have a huge variety (including some inspired by wines & spirits). They also offer essential oils and diffusers.

Flawsome Threads | Agora Market Harrisonblog

pura vida bracelets /9/

Look no further than Flawsome Threads for your summer bracelet fix! They are the only location in Harrisonburg that sells the popular + charitable Pura Vida Bracelets!

Bring Your Own LLC | Agora Market Harrisonblog

bread (or whatever) bee’s wrap /10/

So there’s this beeswax wrap that you can use to keep bread/produce/what-have-you fresh and it’s so much better than plastic wrap! Find it here at the brand new location of Bring Your Own LLC! They also offer tons of different kitchen and bath (even baby) items you can feel good about buying!

Take a stroll around Agora and let us know if you agree with our list or if you find something even more unexpected! Share in the comments!

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