4 New Things at the Rockingham County Fair for 2019

A special thank you to our guest blogger Lauren Arbogast, a Board Member of the Rockingham County Fair, for sharing with us some fun new things at the Fair this year…

New Management Fair
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In January 2019, longtime fair supporter Rebecca Holloway joined the Rockingham County Fair as the new General Manager. Holloway is a local who showed at the fair growing up and previously taught in Rockingham County Schools. The fair staff and board are excited about the new energy she has already brought to the fair, as well as a renewed sense of community partnership. Come out and see her buzzing around the fair this year in her new role, and check out some of the new projects she has implemented including…

Horticulture Building
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Join us on Wednesday, August 7th at 10:00 am at the ribbon cutting for the new Horticulture building in partnership with the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce. The brand-new building will soon host hundreds of plant entries for the fair, and the Fair is excited about its use as an event building as well. The horticulture exhibit is one of the many free activities at the fair. Speaking of free activities…

Kids Learning Area
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Come out to the grassy area behind the 4-H Petting Zoo to experience multiple free activities for kids of all ages! Check out the fish in the aquaponics trailer or watch as a cow gets milked. Build your own “seed-scape,” or play in the corn bin! This new area is dedicated to agriculture education for the kid in all of us. If your child or the kid in you is looking for something else new this year, look no further than…

The Rodeo!
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Back by popular demand, the rodeo will thrill the grandstand on Monday night, August 12th. Sure to entertain all ages, the rodeo will feature a full rodeo lineup including exciting acts such as bronc riding and barrel racing. On Wednesday meet us at the Harrisonburg Ford Arena for a special kids rodeo – open for local participation!

Check out RockinghamCountyFair.com for a complete list of events and activities for the fair. We’ll see you there as we celebrate Carnival Lights and Country Nights in 2019!

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  1. Cara Thompson

    I’m so excited for the new kids learning area and that you for using my picture of my son and I. He is going to be so excited this year!!!

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