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About Chris Rooker

Chris started The Harrisonburg Homes Team with the vision of providing home buyers and sellers in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County with extraordinary customer service. He has consistently guided the team to top rankings in the local real estate market, while also providing leadership and editorial influence for Harrisonblog.

Is Now the Time to Buy a Home?

Maybe. It is certainly a buyer’s market, which means that home buyers have the advantage in negotiations, as well as a broad range of choices. However, since it is a difficult market for sellers, our team’s counsel to inquiring would-be buyers is that they need to be reasonably confident that...

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New Winter Hours for Farmers’ Market

One of my favorite Saturday activities over the last year or two is shopping for fresh produce at the Farmers’ Market in downtown Harrisonburg. I have a lot of friends who frequent the market, so it is also a great way to connect (somewhat randomly) more often. But in years...

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Three Cheers for HDR

Last night I enjoyed an evening at Clementine, a fun and very trendy restaurant that opened earlier this year in the old Strand Theater building. I was mindful that I might not have been able to enjoy dining there without the efforts of Eddie Bumbaugh and his staff at Harrisonburg...

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