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Emily takes impressive photos, interviews interesting locals, and keeps things organized for Harrisonblog. She also works on special marketing projects, transaction management, and event management for The Harrisonburg Homes Team. Emily loves dogs, her friends and family, dancing, and getting outdoors.

The Design Corner: Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Space

Your floors - they cover a vast majority of your house and arguably receive more abuse than any other part of your home. It's therefore, important that when possible you choose flooring that will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing (let's be honest - your floors can be quite the design statement). Whether you're considering a renovation, building a home, or just thinking about some small updates, check out the tips below from our design pro, Cathi Beighe.

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Stay Afloat: Flood Plains, Flood Insurance, & Homeowner Tips

The Shenandoah Valley -- and many spots in Rockingham County, in particular -- has seen its fair share of flooding. Since the devastation that took place because of excess rainwater in a massive flood back in the 1990's, better irrigation drainage systems have been put in place, dikes have been constructed, and countless other measures have been accounted for since then in our beautiful piece of the Valley. So, with all those safeguards in place, do you really need to care about what flooding could do to your property? If your home is in the flood zone, YES.

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The Design Corner: How to Create Your Perfect Command Center in Six Steps

The Command Center - the nucleus of the home where you keep your entire existence organized... or at least the place where you try to keep everything organized. A well thought-out and designed command center will help you reach this goal of ultimate organization. Let us help you think through how to create (or re-invent) a command center with our steps below.

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The Wilson Downtown Gallery: Frank Doherty

Next up in the Wilson Downtown Gallery is the vibrant and exquisite photography of Frank Doherty. Take a peek at some of his work in this post and you won't need me to tell you to stop by our office (home of the Wilson Downtown Gallery) to enjoy this impressive show.

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