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About Emily Marsh

Emily takes impressive photos, interviews interesting locals, and keeps things organized for Harrisonblog. She also works on special marketing projects, transaction management, and event management for The Harrisonburg Homes Team. Emily loves dogs, her friends and family, dancing, and getting outdoors.

50-Year-Old Harrisonburg Time Capsule Reveal

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 100th anniversary on April 26th. To commemorate their century of service to the community, a little piece of history will be revealed on the Court House Lawn at 2:15pm. A time capsule that was buried in 1966 will be dug up and its contents rediscovered. We know that there is a lengthy list of items in the time capsule, but no one knows exactly what's inside... five decades has a way of erasing such memories.

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Harrisonburg Dairy Queen Goes Green

Take a tour of the new, energy-efficient Harrisonburg Dairy Queen in Harmony Square. It has undergone an impressive upgrade recently. We got the inside scoop from architect, Charles Hendricks. What's more intriguing... the fact that this just may be the greenest Dairy Queen in the country, or the fact that an internationally acclaimed ice cream cake decorator works at the store? Read on and maybe you can decide that for yourself.

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Wilson Downtown Gallery: Eliza German

We are thrilled to have Eliza German as our next artist at the Wilson Downtown Gallery. Her paintings are unique, dynamic, vibrant, and eye-catching. This is a show you'll definitely want to catch - stop in to our office during the week or at one of our Art Receptions to check it out!

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The Design Corner: How To Decorate for Spring

Vibrant blooms are bursting forth outside in the warming sunshine, so it is now time to refresh your indoor spring decorating. Keep things fresh, bright, and airy with florals, fun colors, a bit of clean-up, and new decor. Here are our tips for making simple changes with a big impact that will instantly make you feel better!

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