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Harrisonburg Real Estate Market Report: March 2015

It's an exciting time of year in the local real estate market! More sellers are listing their homes, more buyers are writing contracts, and both of these turn into a major upward trend in sales and contracts for the year. Last month, we had seen a nearly 12% increase in sales and almost 23% more contracts. This month, though, we see the market picking up speed with an 18% uptick in sales and -- whoa -- 25% more contracts than last year!

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Harrisonburg Real Estate Market Report: February 2015

Last month, we introduced you to our new and improved market reports, and reported on interesting statistics in our local Harrisonburg and Rockingham County real estate market, including rolling 12-month averages for several different data points. Year-to-date, though, January had shown nearly 10% less sales than last year. Add in February when buyers made it to the closing table, and we're now at 11.7% more than last year. The first quarter of the year is usually "moody" and year-to-date stats only incorporate a small data set -- which is why we like to look at rolling 12-month averages.

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Harrisonburg Area Real Estate Market Report: October 2014

We are pleased with how the Harrisonburg real estate market fared in October. Entering the final quarter of the year usually begins the “leveling off” of both contracts and sales because folks are gearing up for the holiday season, but this year, October remained surprisingly┬ástrong. Sales were boosted to over...

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