Bridgewater Received $944,000 from VDOT to Fund Dry River Road Project

Dry River Road, situated behind Marshall's Distribution Center, Shickel Corporation, and Perdue, connects the Town of Bridgewater with Route 257 heading west of Dayton and into Montezuma. This is a heavily traveled road for folks with a variety of transportation needs: vehicles, big rigs, buggies, tractors, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Though the speed limit is only 25 mph, it can prove quite dangerous with such heavy traffic on a "commute" route. Enter VDOT...

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Powerful Mobile Bidding App Developed by Two Ambitious Locals

Tim Peters, Chief Operations Officer and Auctioneer at Cottonwood Auctions, and his techie friend, Andy Harbick, who has experience building software for companies like Amazon and Rosetta Stone -- both local Harrisonburg residents -- have developed the first-ever (genius, really) mobile bidding app. It's called BidWrangler, and it allows folks to bid on auction items from their smartphones.

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Getting Official: HDR Receives Main Street Accreditation

We love Harrisonburg and the people that make the friendly city so special. We get especially excited when this city and its people are recognized for how truly excellent they are. This is why we are so pleased that HDR has received the national recognition of being an accredited Main Street program! That's right - one of only 22 in all of Virginia. So, you're either thinking, 'that's great!' or you're thinking, 'huh?' Let me explain...

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