Downtown Harrisonburg Named Culinary District

For the first time in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Harrisonburg’s vibrant downtown has been named a “Culinary District,” thanks to approval from Harrisonburg’s city council on January 28th. Why a culinary district? Mostly because it will bring more people downtown to enjoy the variety of restaurants available. The food industry...

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Discovering Harrisonburg’s Suburbs: Dayton

We’ve mentioned Dayton several times before on Harrisonblog, but never really at an in-depth level. Located just a couple minutes southwest of the city, it is a wonderful, charming town with a population of about 1,200 folks, a plethora of locally owned shops and restaurants, a Cargill turkey plant, the...

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A Channel of Harrisonburg Neighborhood Video Tours

Whether you’ve lived in the Harrisonburg area your entire life, moved here recently, or plan on moving to our beautiful Shenandoah Valley city, you’ll find our gallery of neighborhood video tours both informative and enjoyable. These were all filmed in the Harrisonburg area, and we have a large selection available...

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