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Homeownership Matters! Solid Reasons to Own a Home

We are real estate agents and are, of course, heavily dedicated to the idea that home ownership is important. But don’t just take our word for it! Here are several solid reasons that owning a home is a great idea. According to a recent survey done by the National Association...

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Kline May Showings Update: Year End 2010

It is time for another update on how showings have fared at our brokerage, Kline May Realty. We made it through 2010, and showings were up from last year for half of this year. This means we’ve had our ups and downs (as you can see on the chart below),...

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How Does a Real Estate Team Work?

Person I’ve Just Met: “So, what do you do for a living?” Me: “I’m the Marketing Director for The Harrisonburg Homes Team at Kline May Realty. I handle all of the marketing for our real estate team, such as listing management, content creation, social media, advertising, and design.” Person I’ve Just...

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