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Guide to Rainy Day Fun with Kids in Harrisonburg… Indoor Playtime!

Harrisonburg boasts a fairly mild climate overall, but did you know that our Friendly City experiences 118 days of precipitation per year? This would account for both snow and rain, with averages of 21" and 36", respectively. That leaves parents and childcare providers with a conundrum for nearly 4 months out of the year. Splash around outside in the mud and get soaked and filthy, or stay indoors while trying to wrangle entertain the littles all day? Relax! With this Guide to Rainy Day Fun with Kids, you'll have just that... FUN on rainy (and snowy) days. Gone are the hours of whining and boredom. Harrisonburg offers plenty of indoor fun for kids of all ages -- with plenty of puddles to splash in, too.

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2015 Farm-to-Table Breakfast: Celebrate Our Local Food

October 24th is Food Day -- a day set apart nationally that "inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies [while working] toward a greener diet." Get involved in this celebration by eating a delicious, locally sourced Farm-to-Table Breakfast on October 23rd (the eve of food day) at Clementine Cafe in Harrisonburg. Now, that sounds like a pretty good way to celebrate!

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Exploring Harrisonburg: Green Valley Book Fair

In search of new books at bargain prices? Harrisonburg's very own Green Valley Book Fair offers a wide variety of books (and gifts!) in a huge book warehouse. Just inside the front door, a map stuffed full of pins from visitors across the globe proves that it is absolutely worth the visit!

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