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Mortgage Interest Deduction: Summary and Current Issues

You may have heard by now that the Mortgage Interest Deduction (aka “The MID”) is going through the wringer. Some changes to this tax deduction have been proposed by the Obama Administration, and it could effect many homeowners across the country. We’d like to describe what this deduction is and...

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How Much Money Do You Need To Purchase A House?

When first time home buyers begin thinking about purchasing a home, their first thought is usually, “Can I afford it?” or “Do I have enough money?” These are valid questions, and do need to be answered before you begin your home search. The first step in the process of purchasing...

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Rehab That House With The FHA 203(k) Loan Program

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has a loan program for rehabilitating homes and communities called the 203(k) Loan Program. Better known as a “Rehab Loan.” This program is meant to encourage new home ownership, rehabilitation of neighborhoods, and communities. One advantage of this program is that “buyers can focus on...

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