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The Design Corner: Top 5 Home Improvements that give the Biggest ROI

It's the Spring Real Estate Market! Maybe you've been thinking about putting your home on the market, or maybe you're already in that process. In the spring edition of The Design Corner, our very own design expert and Realtor Cathi Anne gives her top five tips + tricks for getting the most return on your investment when selling your home!

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Be Prepared for Home Inspection Repairs

Home buyers and sellers alike will come to a point in any real estate transaction in which a home inspection will be performed by a professional, and repairs will likely need to be addressed. What is involved? Who decides what repairs are made? And who pays for it?

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The Easiest Way to Prove Your Home Has Increased in Value: Track Home Updates [Printable Worksheet]

Most homeowners make changes to their homes because usually, they aren't perfectly suited to their tastes on move-in day. Perhaps you've added a fresh coat of paint to your living room wall, or installed new hardwood floors, or even undergone an entire kitchen remodel. Regardless of scope, track your home updates so you can easily prove the value you've added to it.

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