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Tasks to Complete Before Your Home is Shown to Potential Buyers [Printable Checklist]

You’ve done a ton of work to get your home ready to sell. The photos have been taken, the video tour is published, and you are proud of how amazing it all looks! Now that your home is officially on the market, agents want to show your beautiful home to their buyer clients. Don’t panic! We know it is hard to live in a home while its for sale. Keeping it pristine all the time can cause overwhelm. But, what if it didn’t have to be that way? Our printable pre-showing checklist + bonus tips will ease your stress.

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The Design Corner: How to Prepare Your House to Sell 101

Our design expert, Cathi Anne, has shared with us her tried and true tips for getting your home ready to sell. These are general tips that can be done on any home. For more specific advice about your particular home, you'll just have to invite Cathi over and let her work her magic on your space. But, in the meantime, use these helpful tips to get you started!

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Cathi Beighe: Realtor, Designer, and Staging Extraordinaire

We like to call Cathi our "secret weapon," because she can transform any home into a remarkably photogenic listing. Every home she touches turns into this beautiful, sparkling piece of art that our professional photographers and videographer enjoy capturing from every angle. Cathi's eye for showing off the house as a home is impeccable.

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