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How Does a Real Estate Agent Get Paid?

A real estate market couldn't survive without property, right? So here's how it works. A homeowner (or landowner) wants to sell. The property gets put on the real estate market at a specified price, with an agreement to pay any real estate agents involved in the transaction a percentage of the final sales price.

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How Zillow’s Acquisition Of Trulia Affects You

We all know the saying, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” Well, Zillow has done more than just join Trulia – on Tuesday, July 29, it was announced that Zillow will be acquiring its rival, which will make it the main contender in the online real estate shopping world....

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A Channel of Harrisonburg Neighborhood Video Tours

Whether you’ve lived in the Harrisonburg area your entire life, moved here recently, or plan on moving to our beautiful Shenandoah Valley city, you’ll find our gallery of neighborhood video tours both informative and enjoyable. These were all filmed in the Harrisonburg area, and we have a large selection available...

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