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Remodeling To Gain Higher Resale Value

Many homeowners are using these troubled economic times to spend money on remodeling and redesign. Why spend money now? Because construction materials are cheap! Plus, more and more folks are doing projects themselves, saving a bundle on labor costs, and gaining satisfaction in their own hard work. Some homeowners might...

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What is Curb Appeal, and How Do I Get It?

Curb appeal is the degree to which your home looks beautiful from the street. Does your home look clean? Is your landscaping ship-shape? Are your walkways swept? Is your carport uncluttered? It is essential to have great curb appeal when listing your home (and it is nice to have when...

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More Amped Up Marketing For Home Sellers

We, The Harrisonburg Homes Team, offers the best customized marketing plans for our home sellers in this area. And as if that wasn’t enough — we do like to stay ahead of the curve, you know — our brokerage, Kline May Realty, has given us even more marketing ammo. We...

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